by geordiesouth

The drug was simple; she had no idea what it was made from. But she certainly knew the effect it had on people. It would take too long to explain where she, lets for the record say, acquired it from. Lets just say it now belonged to her. To use whenever the need arose. It was not something she took herself. Oh no, the clear liquid in the little bottle was for use on men she had need of. Just one or two drops were enough, depending on the body weight of the man involved. The properties of the drug were simple. Drowsiness first, then a few minutes later complete unconsciousness. When the victim (she loved that word) awoke, he would be in a state of arousal. He would also be in a position of restraint, but this was her doing and nothing to do with the drug. One side effect being, that the victim although highly aroused and extremely sensitive. Could not come. Oh yes he could be on the edge so to speak, wanting too, nay, needing that exquisite release. But it just wouldn't happen. Did I say side effect. For him maybe. For her it just heightened her pleasure, her enjoyment. After all, were they not just males. Were they not just put on this earth to be teased and tormented by their superiors. To be used and abused then thrown aside.

Brad couldn't believe his luck. He knew he was good looking, never had a problem with the babes. But when this beautiful young woman singled him out as soon as she entered the club, well, why should he worry. Sitting in the limo sipping champagne he felt like a million dollars. He had no idea who she was, didn't care either. She was obviously loaded he thought as they stepped out in front of a fabulously expensive apartment block. Being from downtown, he had no idea where he was, as if he cared. He felt a little dizzy already, excitement he assumed. He thought he might explode there and then in the lift when she fondled him through his trousers. He had just enough time to glimpse the luxurious room before everything went dark.

Opening his eyes in a flash. Breathing hard. He felt incredible, so alive. About 20 seconds passed and his position became clear. He was sitting, comfortable chair. He couldn't move his legs, they were parted slightly and secured tightly, his arms too. The ball gag in his mouth was not painful, just a little uncomfortable. He did not know the other sensation, why should he, he was after all a virgin and had never seen, never mind felt a butt plug. The chair was close to an enormous bed, his knees pressed close to the red satin sheets. She knew he was awake. She had been watching him behind the two way mirror. Standing bolt upright beside her was her second victim, also heavily restrained. But this male was not drugged. No he was free to grow hard and soft as many times as he wished. But growing hard came with a price. The sophisticated electronic equipment sensing an erection would send just enough voltage through his testicles to make him squirm. She softly kissed his nipples and touched the tip of his growing member. He shook violently, the gag stopping his screams. She smiled into his eyes. "Time to begin my sweet" she cooed. "You will watch carefully now, won't you".

The night was just beginning for her. Undressed by two lovely oriental girls who appeared as soon as she entered the bedroom. She stood in thigh length shiny PVC boots. Red silk panties looked as if they had been painted on. Her pierced nipples already erect. She lay on the bed, her long black hair seemed to cover it completely. The six inch hells of her boots resting either side of Brads head on the back of the chair. She poked him with one heel in the shoulder blade. "Let your torment begin" she smiled through glossy red lips, her tongue tracing her perfect teeth. He looked and trembled with excruciating excitement. She spread her arms and her two loyal servants began to pleasure every inch of her body. She would use him later, plenty of time for that. She could pleasure herself in this way for hours. For the time being he would watch. And when she was finished, when she could orgasm no more or was tired of his presence. Then her servants could use him as they saw fit. Her smile as she felt the first wave of pleasure wash over her. Her sigh as she wondered if maybe she should just turn up the voltage for someone.

Alexander was her accountant. He had known her for nearly four years now. She had taken him with her when she had destroyed her husbands pharmaceutical company. By the time she had finished with the business, there was very little left. Her husband was a broken man who later ended up in a mental institution, while she had moved on and upward. Financially secure and of course she took with her the recipe for 'the drug'. Alexander looked after her money, making sure it grew so to speak. He lived in the apartment, in a room that could best be described as a broom cupboard. He didn't mind, after all, it meant that he was close to her. His goddess. His life would have appeared strange to anyone able to peer in. He ate what was given to him, taken outdoors only when she felt he needed the stimulation. He even wore a chastity belt. He could toilet as normal, but was unable to gain an erection unless the device was removed. Her two oriental servants constantly kept him in a state of agitation. They were allowed more freedom; after all, they were female and also pleasure slaves. No comparison. When she slept they would sometimes wake him and use his tongue for their pleasure. Then leave giggling at his discomfort.

So now Alexander stood motionless behind the mirror. His genital device beside him, soaking in alcohol, must keep it clean now, she would say. He loved to watch her, but on these occasions he was in a constant state of fear, excitement, agony. Sweat trickled down his cheek as he tried to control his erection. But the vision of her climax was too much and the electricity jolted through his now rapidly numbing balls. She smiled at him through her reflection. Oh how she knew his pain and the thought brought her off again.

Brad was not in pain. Not like Alexander anyway. His discomfort was all the more severe, yet he was unaware of it at this moment in time. He was confused as to how and why he was in this position, but for the moment, unable to do anything about things, he watched. She was so stunningly beautiful, the picture hurt his eyes. Aware of the delicious feeling between his legs, he swallowed as a pillow was placed under her head. Her head raised she could look into his eyes now. Lila and Meelo knew their job well. Kneeling to each side of their mistress, they gently poured scented oils over her perfect white skin. They softly massaged her, taking time to bend forward and pull at the nipple rings with their teeth, flicking her nipples at the same time. She moaned with delight and looked at Brads erection pointing up and already swollen more than at any time in his life. The two girls untied her silk panties and pulled them away from under her bottom. Lila smiled at Brad and softly wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Gently pulling his foreskin down, her touch was like a feather and Brad shook at this incredible feeling. Holding him with one hand, Lilas eyes never left his, as she lowered her head between her mistresses legs. Smiling into Brads eyes, her tongue pleasured her mistress slowly, teasingly, softly. Brad thought he would burst. Little did he know. His torture would last all night. His release would be when his heart gave out as Meelo rode him to her own climax. There was always a price to pay when using the drug. But 'she' was asleep by this time, Alexander was in his room. Another day tomorrow after the girls had taken care of things and the 'body' was removed, shopping maybe. Always nice to shop after sessioning.