Totally Unexpected

by La Contessa dei Fiori

She was talking to some friends when he made his entrance and as soon as she realised who he was, her breath was caught. True, she had never actually seen him, but she had experienced him, very very intimately and she could tell him by the woody-spicy smell of his aftershave. Funny that he should turn out to be a possible colleague of hers and that they would both be attending the Summer Ball at the University, especially since she had been convinced that she would never know who he was and she would never encounter him again.

She excused herself from the present company, took a glass of champagne from the roving waitress and went out into the ivy covered balcony to get a breath of fresh air and sort out her thoughts.

What was happening to her, was ridiculous and totally unacceptable. She was a Mistress for God's sake, she was not supposed to have feelings for her underlings! And in her vanilla life she was a lecturer in Oceanography and very well respected in her field. What would people say if they found out about her private kink? What would people say if they knew about the play party, two weeks ago...?

She leaned over the railings of the balcony and glanced at the the garden beyond with its neatly laid out lawn and flower borders and the elegant, illuminated fountain in the middle. She could hear the music fill the night air blending with the voices of the faculty members who were clearly enjoying themselves. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the jasmin-scented atmosphere and was instantly transported to Lucy's place - or should she say Madam Lucille's abode?

Madam Lucille was a good friend of hers and she was having a party to celebrate the opening of her new Chambers to which she had invited lots of friends and clients. There must have been about 30 people at the party, all dressed in fetish wear. Arianne had worn a rather somber dress and her new platform stilletos. The whiteness of her thighs was just visible above the hold-up stocking tops under her dress when she moved. She wore a feathered mask as she always did when among strangers. The mask hid most of her features except for her full lips and sparkling eyes. She also wore a pair of lacy gloves which was her trademark in the Scene. She was Mistress Arianne Lace.

The party had a good life in it, people blended nicely with each other, there was lots to drink and eat and everyone was happy. There was a sub competition where Mistresses put their subs to the test and the people present voted for the best one. As she had not brought any of her subs along (she dealt only with high society submissives who were very keen on keeping their secret life a secret) she was chosen to be Queen of the Night to whom all the subs were to bestow favours according to their Owners' wishes. So it came down to a silly contest for the sub that could excite the Mistress the most. She had laughed when she heard the announcement and objected strongly to it as she felt that no Mistress should ever become a sub's subject of intimate worship. But the audience was keen on discovering a champion and her protests were drowned in a sea of applause and encouragement.

To make the contest fair, she had to be blindfolded so she would not show preference to one Mistress's pet over another. Each sub was given a minute to cause a stirring and she had to make her remarks after each sub finished paying homage to her and assign him a grade which Madame Lucille carefully recorded on paper. Arianne thought she was doing quite nicely not showing any emotion, not feeling any emotion, despite the subs' eager attempts to excite her. Then it came down to the last sub who approached her in a wave of woody-spicy aftershave. She felt his presence close to her face and then the shock of cold on her neck and breasts as he held an ice cube betwen his teeth and slowly passed it over her exposed skin. Her skin tingled, the hairs at the nape of her neck rose and her heart began beating uncontrollably. She let out a pained moan as she could take this sweet torture no more, her whole being feeling incredibly aroused. She pulled the blindfold off (taking care not to remove her mask) and stared at the dark haired stranger who had given her such an intense feeling in such a short time. 'Thank you,' she said dryly and then stood up to announce that he was the winner before finding refuge at the toilet, shivering like a hunted animal. His eyes were haunting her, so intense behind his mask, and his hair was the most perfect black that seemed almost blue under the lights. As for his chin, well, let's say that Barbara Cartland knew what she was talking about in her books!

And now this sensational stranger was here, in the same function as she was. And her legs had turned to jelly, such was his magnetism! She finished off her glass of champagne and decided to go back in. After all, he had no idea who she was, so there was nothing to worry about. She could meet him socially and he would never know any different. They might even end up having a brief affair, till his submissive needs would drive him away from her, as it often happened with men in vanilla relationships who were too embarrassed to expose their desires to their partners.

She stepped inside the hall and scanned the room for a sign of him. She scanned the room twice, panic setting in as she could not locate him. Oh God, what if he had left, what if she would really now never see him again? She turned to run towards the double doors and bumped into someone. Her purse fell off her hands and the stranger bent down to pick it. As he rose, she realised that it was him.

'Good evening, Mistress!' he greeted her with a playful smile.

Later on that night, as they lay in bed and he fed her strawberries and cream, she giggled at his description of her reaction.

'You lost your colour and for a moment I thought to myself, oh dear what if this isn't her and I have offended someone important at the University, but I knew deep down that no two women could have the same pair of sparkling eyes and exactly the same mole at the base of their neck. Talking of which....' he said as he bent to kiss her mole, 'have I mentioned how sexy I think this is?'