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Originally Posted by CP Bliss View Post
In London, property prices, purchased or rented including rates are so high and there are always the more intolerant of neighbours to consider. Unsurprising that many are on the move and others sadly gone forever.

though i think currently crossrail, and landlords finding out what the place is used for is having at least as much of an effect as rates

its coming to the point where to be viable you almost need to open an avalon type destination dungeon but of course the law in uk means you cant get the bank loans you can in germany - perhaps we will see the strange NYC stste of affairs of house dommes soon to sustain the premisis - though i hope not ans the idy scene in london has imo always been core to its success.

the rise of webcamming, fin dom, social media etc - well the scene is changing - its whi i was hoping this place would embrase that and take all the knowledge of this place to the new arenas but it seems to me thi place is dying - perhaps notable that a thread which has some traction is looking back rather than forward
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