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When I read "spicing up" I immeadiately thought that you were going to give everyone a free indian meal.

Disappointed again.

When the adverts went, you lost a lot of "passing traffic", people would come in for research purposes and sometime pop into the chat room for reccomendations or just being nosey.

That's what I did way back in 2002.

O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!

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Originally Posted by Lisal View Post
Shadowbanning is where someone's social media account (say twitter) is shut down without them being informed.

Only fans is a pay site linked to someone's twitter account. A number of dommes seem to be using this now. They can refer to it through their normal twitter account and post tasters etc

Masochist knows more about this than me (not too difficult) so may be along with more information.
If you get a shadow ban your account looks normal to you... you can post... but nobody else can see your account
Often done to accounts Twitter thinks might be spam or bots... best solution is usually don't post for 24h and it sometimes fixes it's self
Of course if a malicious ex client or somebody who was turned down for a session continually flags posts as spam there is a higher % chance it will get a ban

With a proper suspension you normally get an email saying what has caused offence and the opportunity to take it down... you get no message with a shadow ban and unless somebody tells you your account isn't showing you probably wouldn't know... obviously not good when it's a main driver of traffic to websites these days.

As for only fans it's a subscription add on to Twitter
I have seen prices range from $5 to $35 per month.
Typically a Mistress may get a photoshoot for example and use 1 photo on her website... the other 50+ photos she can put on only fans... typically with say one or 2 teaser photos on Twitter with a link to the only fans... same with video clips and perhaps more in depth posts... essentially a micro members site
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