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Originally Posted by electrocbtslave View Post
Saturday morning.

Stagger into the office and switch on the beating heart of the organisation

Whereupon I see through bloodshot eyes that it is downloading 238,847,765,396,154,783,987,487,198,528 Bytes of information.


Has the ex Nigerian Minister of Defence come good on his promise to put the half million left over from buying an aircraft carrier in my account? I now part of a cloud computing scam masterminded by the CIA?.......has some fearful virus decided to plant spyware amongst the coffee cups pencils,rubber stamps and other desktop detritus?.

Resisting the urge to pull the plug out and go for a bacon sandwich and waiting for some minutes I am rewarded with a message telling me I'm now running "Windows 10"

Could some clever b*****d please tell me what on earth this means?
Copied and forwarded to youngest son whose employers had a whole server fall over Friday night and are still rebuilding it and all its sub servers
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ex nihilo
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I’m looking forward to Apple’s keynote at WWDC next Monday. It appears that the MacBook Air will be getting the love. Intel’s 4th generation Haswell chip will increase battery life (which is already pretty good) and a new card will boost WiFi speed using the latest protocol.

Think my mind will be made up for me!
“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”
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