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Default Mistress Privacy

We have discussed client privacy before, but mistress privacy must, for some, be an issue too.

I have been surprised over the last few years to find that, when I receive a Hotmail message from a mistress I have contacted, her real name is often disclosed when she writes back to me. This has happened with almost every mistress I have contacted over the last couple of years (not all, of course), but not on every mail received from the same person (from memory it is often on only one message received, and then disappears subsequently). The disclosure may be something to do with a link to Facebook (rather than simply a name that is provided for the e-mail account she is using).

This never happened until the last 2 or 3 years. I have no idea why this should be so. Does anyone else?

Once the surname is known then of course everything is known, and not all mistresses will want this.

There are also ways of finding out someone's identify from an e-mail address if they have ever used the same e-mail on Skype or Facebook (I think).

It seems to me that everyone, mistress or client, should have a completely independent BDSM identity (e-mail, name of the e-mail account, Facebook, etc). With the use of the wayback machine, for example, it's increasingly difficult for a client or mistress to disappear.

P.S. I have found out that if you search for someone on Facebook he or she may pop up in the 'people you may know' list. I may not be the only person who did not know this.
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