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Iíve been thinking about this thread quite a lot. Yes I know but Iíve been ill/time on my hands etc.!

Can we ever replicate what went before. I couldnít.

Genuinely, out of interest, Des what is it that keeps taking you back there? Is there any mileage in trying someone/something different?
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What takes me back? I would say that Trisha was the most stunning dominatrix I ever met. It wasn't just her sensational figure (tall, with 38-22-37 curves, with long, black, waist length hair, as her recorded message would tell you), but her no-nonsense demeanour once you entered her dungeons. This was a lady who didn't have to act the part, she could stridently put you in your place and lay it on hard, if that was what you needed.
Her dungeons were the best I had ever seen (at two different Earl's Court basement flats) - only possibly eclipsed today by the Leeds Chapel dungeons of Mistresses Linda and Vanessa.
Turning up without booking was par for the course at that time, and I must admit that gave me an extra thrill as I waited in trepidation after ringing the bell. Made to wait in one of the free rooms was also nerve racking, especially when you could hear the clicking of Trisha's striding stilettos as she left a slave in one room to go elsewhere, possibly to administer a thrashing to another sub. And when the door was eventually opened, I was often a quivering wreck at the goddess as she looked down to address me.
As for trying someone different, I most certainly will continue until the body gives up.
One absolute stunner I used to see was Bianca, a tall black lady in Marylebone with a genuine 52-26-40 figure. She could also be strident and lay it on hard without mercy if that was your thing. Alas she disappeared from the scene about 1998. In the same class as Trisha - I am surprised her name doesn't crop up in this forum.
I used also to see a more mature lady - Ginger of Birmingham. Very tall and with a strong right arm, she also ticked all the right boxes.
One of the best things about all of these ladies was the willingness to give hand relief, and more at the conclusion of a session. That doesn't appear to be the norm nowadays. At least not according to the websites, though in practice I have found that most will usually give more sexually than they say in their web pages. Possibly due to the perceived legality of what's on offer.
In recent years I have been lucky enough to discover Linda and Vanessa in Leeds. Also Mistress Diana in Oldham is another tall, curvaceous no-nonsense lady I will certainly see again.
I keep hoping that others will be stimulated to add some welcome memories of these past times to keep an old man happy, so if I add an occasional post it keeps memories alive.
Hope this clarifies what makes me tick with these ladies, and hope it stimulates more comments about such goddesses. I love reading about them - it helps strengthen my fantasies, and hopefully points others towards what might still be available, should you have desires like mine. And I am sure many do.
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While in London many years ago I visited Mistress Trish and the session was a great disappointment . I had planned it for several weeks and my expectations were steadily building . Come the moment I paid for an hour and got about 15 minutes . Basically I was tied up and then given hand relief , I could have gotten the same for a lot less money at a massage parlour .

I'd travelled a long way for that all too brief episode but that was often the case in those revolving door days , where it seemed getting the cash and then getting them out the door ready for the next sucker was the norm .

The deep seated psychological need I had just didn't get satisfied . After moving to California I instantly found what I was seeking .

Back in England about 10 years ago I became aware of a Mistress on the south coast . Her website was great , full of information and I watched her in action in a few videos and her style was exactly what I liked . I booked a 2 hour appointment and I was in and out in about half an hour . Tied up , teased a little and then a condom was slipped on my dick . I then had my cock sucked before she backed into me and popped my cock inside her . We had intercourse until I came which was very nice but again I left psychologically unfulfilled .

These days I hardly ever session anymore .
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Slutty Rimmer
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Slutty Rimmer will become famous soon enoughSlutty Rimmer will become famous soon enough

If the memories are starting to fade a little and you can’t quite remember why you were so besotted with the Mistress.

A timeless and classic Mistress who’s image shows no sign of becoming an aberration of yesterday ?

Kind Regards,
Page 130.
Light, Life, Love.

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