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Slutty Rimmer
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Default RIP Wanking.

Originally Posted by geordiesouth View Post
We all heading towards a puritanical future and a good job I say. Far too much porn and smut on the internet for my liking.

Ban the lot of it. Letís pretend itís not there and letís have more evangelical forums.
Iíd certainly contribute oh letís say £50 a month to learn more about stuff like that. Deep meaningful discussions etc.
Your tongue may be firmly lodged in your (or someoneís ass) cheek, but I think there is some truth in this vein of thought.

Porn is just another useless and potentially destructive addiction not dissimilar to drugs, or gambling, or alcohol. Beyond strict moderation they are all a thief of time and money. Producers and pushers may claim to be profiting by meeting a demand but only at the expense of creating junkies from susceptible users.

Am I the only one who really does not get concerned about a return to the pre-internet restriction and censorship ? If I remember correctly we were all having just as much (and probably more meaningful) fun back then.

There might be less porn available in the future, so what ? We might rediscover more productive and fulfilling uses for our limited time on Earth. W*nking away the hours and days to a virtual set of digital titillations is never going to be remembered or recalled at somebodyís funeral service.

Kind Regards,
The Fireman.
Light, Life, Love.

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Originally Posted by degradelove View Post
I'm not too sure if it's relevant, but I see if you now look at the AdultWork website and use the search function, you are no longer able to check which service providers cater for hardsports.
I'm presuming this category would have included a number of mistresses.
Aaaah, I had noticed the same thing but didn't realise why. I am sure there must be other activities as well.
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