Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Domination

The FAQs are dynamic and will be updated occassionally. Most of these FAQs come from e-mails that we get from people, and seem to be the most common questions that we're asked.

I phoned a Mistress and said I wanted to do a particular thing and she said she didn't do that.

Did you check her site first to make sure she offered that service? Not all Mistresses offer the same services. Make sure you check her website first, or see if there is a review on our message board.

I phoned a Mistress and she just hung up on me.

Did you treat the person who answered the phone with respect and politeness? Were you expecting phone sex? If you are a 'phone fiddler' all you'll get to hear is the dialling tone.

C'mon - what's all this about 'politeness' and 'respect' I mean, she's just another hooker, isn't she?

Sorry. Professional Domination is not prostitution. A prostitute is a woman who offers sexual services for money. Professional Dominas do not. In any event, it is our view that you should treat everyone with respect. For a better insight into Mistresses, read one of the interviews we have on the site.

So, if I see a professional Dominatrix, what am I paying for?

Her time, her expertise, the atmosphere of a professional dungeon. Need we say more?

I clicked on a link on your Mistresses page and it was dead.

Please let us know about any dead links and we'll remove them. We clear out dead links regularly.

Can you recommend a Mistress to me?

Why not post on our discussion board? We're sure that someone will reply about Mistresses in your area.

Do you know a Mistress in....?

Again, try the board...but essentially, all the Mistresses we know are listed on our Mistresses page.

I'm new to all this and I'm too nervous to phone a Mistress.

Then send a polite e-mail, tell her about yourself and ask her to write back. If you are a novice, tell the Mistress - she won't bite. Well, not until she knows you a little better! Our best advice is to be open and honest with her, and you'll get the same in return. 

I've read about BDSM in the tabloids. You are just a bunch of perverts, right?

Sure. Just out of interest, how did you get here? Were you browsing for BDSM? As granny used to say, don't knock it until you've tried it.

I've read your information, your dictionary and your FAQs and I think they are crap. Most of it's wrong or misleading.

No problem. You are entitled to your opinion. If you aren't happy with the content of our site, then you don't need to visit. Don't expect to get into a flame war with us though, as all flames are cheerfully ignored. However, if you think something we've written is genuinely wrong or misleading, then let us know and we'll look at it again. Do bear in mind though, that all the content of this site is based on our own opinions and views and the contributions of others.

I'm a girl but I'd like to see a Mistress.

Many Mistresses will see men, women and couples. We suggest you write or call a Mistress who is bi or who says she is happy to see women.

Where can I buy BDSM or fetish clothing or equipment?

Have a look at some of the sites listed on our Links and Interesting Scene Sites pages. Alternatively, try a search in Google on Fetish Clothing.

I'm a Mistress and I would like to become better known.

We'll list you for free on our site. Please e-mail us and we'll arrange for you to be listed on the web. You can also buy a banner ad on our site, or you can post an ad in the Contacts and Personals section of our message board. CLICK HERE. Alternatively you can post a personal ad in our Classifieds Section

I'm a TV Mistress, how about me?

We have some TV/TS Mistresses listed on the site. We'd be happy to list you as well. This is as good a place as any to let everyone know that there is no discrimination of any kind at UK Mistresses.

Can you put personals on the site?

Yes. We have a special section for personal ads. You can also register on the message board to introduce yourself, but we prefer not to have outright advertising on the message board.

Hey, why not put some juicy BDSM pics on the site?

Because it's not a porn site. Sorry - try the Usenet newsgroups.

I have a question you haven't answered here.

No problem. E-mail us and we'll do my best to answer it for you. Or post a question on the message board - either one of the moderators or a board visitor will get back to you.

Ok, come clean, how much are you making out of this site? You are just cynically profiting from the scene community, aren't you?

You can visit our webhost and see how much it costs a month to run this site. But this site is a free service to the BDSM community, and we work for free. Nobody pays a penny to view or to be listed, although we are now running a paid advertising program for Mistresses, which will help to cover some of our monthly costs. However, the site will always remain free for all those who have an interest in BDSM.