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Welcome to UK Mistresses, the UK's Longest standing and most comprehensive BDSM information resource.

What do we have on this site? Just about every resource you could need! We have:

  • A comprehensive Message Board, moderated by some of the top BDSM lifestylers in the UK.
  • A completely free personal classified ads page.
  • Our own Shoutbox for live chat!
  • Our own Yahoo e-group.A dictionary of BDSM terms.
  • Links to other top-quality Scene sites.

We recommend that, if you are a newcomer to the BDSM scene, you check out our FAQs and our Message Board. They are the places where you'll find the most information. You can navigate to wherever you want to go on the site by clicking on the links on each page.

In short, UKM is the ultimate UK-orientated BDSM Resource Site. Enjoy your browsing!