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Review policy

UKM's message board includes reviews of pro-dommes, as submitted by readers of the board. We hope that these reviews will makes it easier for you to find the right dominatrix for your needs.

We welcome honest reviews. Posts noting problems in sessions are as valuable to the community as reviews containing only praise. However, we will not allow reviews that are polemical, abusive, or maliciously inaccurate.

To this end, all reviews posted are held in a queue to be checked by moderators of the message board. Any review that is abusive or off-topic will simply be deleted. We may delay publication of a review while we check facts with the Mistress reviewed, although we expect to do this only in exceptional cases. We may, in a few cases, ask the reviewer to re-word the review, keeping the facts but moderating the tone.

Where possible, we will notify the Mistress concerned of the presence of the review soon after it is published.

In the case of critical reviews, our preferred policy is to publish the review but to allow the Mistress the right of reply. If a Mistress whose session has been reviewed wished to reply, we invite her to contact a moderator by Private Message on the message board or by email to webmaster. The moderators will then add the reply to the review thread.

Certain dommes have stated that they do not wish to be reviewed. We cannot accept reviews about the ladies on this list.

Submitting a review

You may post your review directly into review forum of the message board. If you are not already a member of the message board, then you will need to register on the board before submitting the review.

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