Interesting Scene Sites

These sites are chosen as good sources of information for people venturing into the scene. General links to other sites in the scene, and particular to sellers of scene gear, are on another page.

If you know of an interesting site that might fit on this list, please let us know by e-mail.

is an organisation aimed at fostering a sense of community for people interested in power exchange (or new to D/S, B&D, S&m) in and around the Midlands (UK)
Informed Consent
is one of the top UK resources. Basically, this site contains virtually everything that you would ever want to know about the BDSM scene in the UK.
London Fetish Scene
is simply the best source of information for the club scene in London. Highly recommended.
Iron Rose
is a rich site for BDSM education, with articles about such diverse topics as genitorture and breathplay as well as many other subjects. This is one of those 'not to be missed' sites.
MaleChastity Websites
is a links page, recommended to your close perusal by Lady Samantha, who says "It's funny how a few weeks of abstinence (with the belt as a constant reminder!) will focus someone's mind."
Thor's Place
is a place for dommes and subs to discuss BDSM. The membership is international with a large proportion of Americans. The site also carries interviews with Mistresses.